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1-3 Center Plaza, Financial District, Boston, MA

The property features a nine-story, 741,000 square foot, 900-foot long office and retail building located across from the Government Center transit station and Boston City Hall. Center Plaza is approximately 60% occupied, with tenants including Localytics and Salsify. A 525-space parking garage is located underneath Center Plaza.

In 2015, previous owner Shorenstein Properties received approval to construct a 9,400 square foot retail expansion to Center Plaza's ground floor, in addition to a new 21,000 square foot penthouse featuring office space and a roof garden. Construction of the approved additions to Center Plaza has not commenced; Shorenstein Properties, who acquired Center Plaza for $307 million ($414 per square foot) in January 2014, sold the building to Synergy Investments for $365 million ($493 per square foot) in April 2017.

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Oct 08, 2019

$10M Reno Permit Issued for GrubHub Offices at Center Plaza


Apr 24, 2018

Spotify Leases 4 Floors at Center Plaza


Apr 13, 2017

Synergy acquires 741,000 square foot Center Plaza in Financial District for $365 million


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