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About Motor Mart Garage

201 Stuart Street, Bay Village, Boston, MA 02116

Nine-story, 420,000 square foot Art Deco-style parking garage completed in 1927. The Motor Mart Garage stands on a 1.2-acre parcel and features a total of 1,037 parking spaces in addition to 50,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space. CIM Group, who acquired the Motor Mart Garage for $162.5 million in October 2016.

New project plans released in September 2018 call for the redevelopment of the existing building and the construction of a 28-story residential tower rising out of the garage. The western portion of the existing parking garage will be converted into approximately 84 new residential units. The new residential tower will rise out of the eighth floor of the existing building and contain around 231 condo units.  Unit sizes will range from studios to three-bedrooms. Resident amenities are set to include a fitness center, a small exterior pool, and a vegetated roof on the ninth floor.

Currently, the garage holds 1037 spaces, 672 of which will be retained in the new project. Around 144 of the spaces will be for residential use and the remaining approximately 528 spaces for primarily public use. The redevelopment will also retain around 46,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground and basement floors which will be renovated as part of the project.

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Latest Updates

Oct 18, 2019

Motor Mart Garage Tower Approved by BPDA


Mar 26, 2019

The proposed redevelopment of Motor Mart Garage by CIM Group and Boston Global Investors is...


Sep 12, 2018

$250 Million Development of Motor Mart Garage


Mar 07, 2018

CIM Group's plans move forward with Back Bay Motor Mart garage


Dec 11, 2017

278-foot residential tower proposed atop Motor Mart Garage in Bay Village


Oct 25, 2016

CIM closes on Motor Mart Garage acquisition for $162.5 million


Jun 27, 2016

CIM Group, recent buyer of 95 Berkeley, reportedly buying Motor Mart Garage for over $160...


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Philip Harris
This is the latest proposed high rise which will be quashed outright or reduced down to a fraction of its height due to the overbearing zealotry of the anti shadow kooks/anti high rise fanatics. Only in BOSTON, only in Boston!!!! Shadows ARE MUCH WORSE here than in any other City in this Nation if not the world.
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