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About Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment

55 Bunker Hill Street, Charlestown, Boston, MA

Proposed 3.3 million square foot redevelopment of the existing 27.24-acre, 1,100-unit Bunker Hill public housing project into 2,699 mixed-income residential units with a neighborhood retail component. All 42 existing Bunker Hill housing buildings, dating to 1941, would be demolished and replaced with 16 new buildings consisting of apartment and duplex unit formats along with 2 parking garages and around 70,000 square feet of retail and community space.

The existing 1,100 public housing units would be replaced with 1,010 new affordable housing units on-site and 100 off-site planned by the BHA. An additional 1,689 market-rate units would be constructed for a total of 2,699 units. 

The Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment project site would be subdivided into 13 blocks of well-lit, tree-lined city streets that would be fully integrated into the Charlestown neighborhood. The project’s Urban Designer and Lead Architect is Stantec.

Buildings at The Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment would range from four to 10 stories tall and would contain a mix of affordable and market-rate residential units with ground-floor retail. All units would be held to the same high standard.

Buildings would be set back towards existing taller features such as the Tobin Bridge. A new line of connection would be created along Bunker Hill Street with active storefronts, landscaping and a restored street grid. 

2.64 acres of publicly accessible open space will be included as part of The Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment. A total of 1,861 parking spaces would be constructed at The Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment including up to 1,379 off-street and 482 on-street.

The following are renderings of The Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment:

bunker hill 1

bunker hill 2

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Latest Updates

Feb 19, 2020

NPC/DPIR Filed for 2,699 Unit Redevelopment of Bunker Hill Public Housing Development


Mar 14, 2018

Hearing regarding the redevelopment of One Charlestown


Sep 29, 2016

One Charlestown detailed plans filed with BPDA


Aug 20, 2016

One Charlestown development moving forward, Letter of Intent filed


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