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About Powder House

1060 Broadway, Teele Square, Somerville, MA

Approved mixed-use development featuring 48 residential apartments, 11,300 square feet of commercial space and over 69,000 square feet of open green space. The Powder House development will readapt the existing Powder House Community School building. Apartments will include 30 one-bedrooms, 12 two-bedrooms, and 6 three-bedrooms. Eight apartments will be artists’ live/work/sell units. A 25,000 square foot solar farm on the building’s room will produce over 3,000 MWh per year of renewable energy. The Powder House development is targeting LEED Gold efficiency certification.

The Powder House development will host a variety of public space elements. These will include a lawn and amphitheater, community gardens and activity areas, a mural mall, athletic courts, a bike shed, and bike shop and a plaza and courtyard. Original public art displays will be placed throughout the Powder House site.

48 vehicle parking spaces will be located on-site. These will include 36 spaces for residents, one in-house car-share space and 11 commercial spaces. 118 bicycle storage spaces will be located on-site for residents, with 30 additional outdoor bicycle spaces. The following are renderings of the Powder House development:

Powder House Renderings

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Latest Updates

Nov 05, 2019

Construction Continues on The Redevelopment of the Powder House School in Somerville

Construction is...


Aug 10, 2018

Construction Underway at Powder House School Redevelopment in Somerville


Nov 27, 2016

Somerville's Powder House development moves forward as developer acquires site for $2M


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