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About TripAdvisor Headquarters

400 1st Ave, Needham, MA

The TripAdvisor building is a new 289,598 square foot office structure. With the help of co-developers, Normandy Real Estate, and Greenfield Partners, Trip Advisor secured $85 million to build the new headquarters.

The building at 400 1st Ave is the first of four buildings making up an office park to be called Center 128. The new edifice will give the company office space to accommodate all of its employees.

Individual work areas have TripAdvisor User images and quotes on the end panels, telling the customer’s story along the path of the main corridors.

Each floor is branded as a continent. The countries making up that continent are the inspiration for the art and artifacts found on that floor, the names of the conference rooms and signage therein.

In the reception area, suitcases line the feature wall that contains a full height graphic map wall composed of nearly a thousand TripAdvisor User images from around the world.

TripAdvisor employees sit at workstations inspired by the attributes of workbenches (with capabilities to sit, stand, access mobile files, and whiteboards). Individual work areas are crafted with unique materials such as, a custom laminate desktop that looks like reclaimed oak, industrial felt for acoustics, rivets, and metal inspired by classic industrial workshops.

Scrum areas supported with technology and whiteboards are integrated throughout each floor to support team collaboration.

The multi-purpose conference facility can be subdivided as needed to support a wide variety of meetings and events, like the employee “hackathons” that promote innovation and team work among TripAdvisor employees

The 4-story atrium is the heart of the house, with a three-story vertical garden, partly cloudy sky, fireplace, and a grand stair inspired by the Spanish Steps. The Forum acts as the crossroads for connecting employees. It’s utilized on a daily basis for meetings and collaboration. The company’s quarterly presentations are streamed live from the TA Forum with a 15 x 25-foot video screen and theater seating for 1,100 people.

Construction Cost $85,000,000.00
Square Feet 289,598


Stories 6
Height (feet) 70
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