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Mosaic on the Riverway
- Mar 26, 2017

Mosaic at the Riverway residences in Mission Hill now open

Mosaic at the Riverway, a 145-unit mixed-income residential building in Mission Hill, is now complete and open, with all condominiums sold and affordable apartments now leasing. Located steps to the Longwood Medical Area, Mosaic on the Riverway features 42 market-rate condominiums, 43 affordable condominiums and 60 affordable apartments. The following are photographs of Mosaic at the Riverway:

Mosaic on the Riverway Photos

Mosaic on the Riverway
- Oct 05, 2016

Mosaic on the Riverway condominium closings underway, 100% sold out

Closings of Mosaic on the Riverway’s 85 mixed-income condominiums commenced last Friday (September 30th, 2016). 11 condominiums have closed to date for an average of $928 per square foot. Closing prices to date range from $499,408 for a 569 square foot one-bedroom/one-bathroom unit to $825,300 for an 892 square foot two-bedroom/two-bathroom unit. Mosaic on the Riverway’s condominium component is 100% sold out per the Mosaic on the Riverway condominium sales website. The 145-unit Mosaic on the Riverway contains 42 market rate condominiums, 43 affordable condominiums and 60 affordable rental units.

A 569 square foot sixth floor one-bedroom condominium at Mosaic on the Riverway has been listed for rent for $3,600/month per Trulia. The following are photographs of a completed unit at Mosaic on the Riverway via Trulia:

Mosaic on the Riverway Photos

Mosaic on the Riverway
- Jun 22, 2016

Exterior shell of Mosaic on the Riverway is sealed, condos over 95% sold

Installation of windows at Mosaic on the Riverway is complete, and the exterior of the building is completely sealed from the elements. Exterior finishes are nearly fully installed, and installation of interior finishes is underway. Per the Mosaic on the Riverway project website, condominiums are over 95% sold with one remaining. Mosaic on the Riverway will contain a mix of homeownership condominiums and rental apartments.

Looking west on Fenwood Road

View from Riverway

View from Riverway

View from Brookline Avenue

View from Riverway

USG Securock Sheathing (green) and Carlisle Waterproof Coating (blue) are installed along the Mosaic on the Riverway facade, providing a moisture and mold resistant air/water barrier system. Exterior finish panels are being installed along the facade using a pulley system anchored at the roofline. VMZINC facade application material is being used to affix finish panels.

South corner of building

East corner of building

Pulley system anchored on roof

Crates of VMZINC facade material

Installation of facade

Work is underway on sidewalks and curbing surrounding Mosaic on the Riverway.

Workers curbing out the project

Excavation rigs and telescoping forklift

More information about Mosaic on the Riverway is posted below.

Mosaic on the Riverway
- Dec 29, 2015

Shell nearly sealed at Mosaic on the Riverway

Exterior finishes and windows are nearly fully installed at Mosaic on the Riverway. Work will soon commence on interior finishes.

Frontage along the Riverway

Frontage along the Riverway

Installation of windows and finishes underway

Frontage along Brookline Avenue

Frontage along Brookline Avenue

Mosaic on the Riverway
- Sep 24, 2015

Mosaic on the Riverway tops off

A topping-off ceremony was held today for Mosaic on the Riverway. Expected completion of the project is in 2016.

download 3
The final beam is raised (Source: Traggorth Companies)

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