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Underground construction specialist Treviicos, headquartered in Charlestown, MA, is at work constructing a 2,200-foot cutoff wall at the 143-mile Herbert Hoover Dike (HHD) earthen dam in Martin and Palm Beach Counties in South Florida, stabilizing and securing an aging resource that plays a crucial role in decreasing flood impacts for a large, level area surrounded by flood-prone Lake Okeechobee. Treviicos’ work will allow the HHD, which runs along the lake’s perimeter, to withstand severe weather events such as hurricanes, protecting the area’s residents and preventing damages to property and natural resources. The cutoff wall will minimize “piping”, existing erosion inside the HHD, stop the dam from leaking water and prevent further damage to the HHD by excluding groundwater.

Treviicos’ important work will refurbish and restore a structure that was placed on the Top 10 list of dams requiring reconstruction by the United States Army Corps Of Engineers in 2007. The cutoff wall will be built using both conventional and jet grouting cement construction tactics, with depths ranging from 50 to 77 feet. Treviicos began work at HHD in October 2016; work on the project is expected to last approximately 1 year and 8 months total, with completion expected in Summer 2018. The following are photographs of Treviicos at work at the HHD:

Herbert Hoover Dike

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