Project Progress: Under Official Review

32% Complete (success)

About 681 Florida Street

San Francisco, CA 94110

The proposed project would construct an 85-foot-tall, 8-to-9-story, 146,000-sf, mixed-use building with 130 dwelling units (100 percent affordable), 9,140 sf of production, distribution, and repair (PDR) uses and 5,710 sf of common open space. The project does not include any off-street automobile spaces. 

The project would add 108 Class 1 bicycle parking spaces on the ground floor, and would provide 7 Class 2 bicycle parking spaces on Florida and Bryant streets. The project would not include any new curb cuts and would remove two approximately 15-foot-wide existing curb cuts on Florida Street. The project would require excavation of the entire site to a maximum depth of 4.5 feet below ground surface and remove approximately 3,420 cubic yards of soil.

Square Feet 146,000

Affordable Housing

Stories 9
Height (feet) 85

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