Unified Construction Group

General Contractor

We are a unique construction company. 


We are Construction Managers, General Contractor's and Design-Builders. But what sets UCGI apart from others is our personal commitment to build a quality project thru early planning.


With over 80+ years of combined accomplishment in the construction industry taking projects from "cradle to grave", UCGI's founding principals and their team of professionals are experts at executing an owner's "vision" from pre-development planning, bidding & procurement thru construction implementation & closeout.


UCGI specializes in solving complex problems in complicated environments.

We are experts in backfilling scope by “filling in the blanks” in early design development documents. 


We create highly detailed budgets that only need to be “tweaked” in later updates so the final design documents can go into production without delay for Bid phase implementation. 


We offer design assist collaboration to each Design & Engineering professional associated with the project by conducting constructability reviews at every stage of pre-construction planning.


We thoroughly scope review our sub-trade partners and vendors before contract awards to avoid costly change orders.


We have the talent necessary to self- perform key trade scopes so we can contain costs, jump start tight schedules or handle challenging logistics.


UCGI strategically thinks "out of the box" to find creative solutions to complex problems. We are not afraid to solicit & engage the best minds & talent in their area of expertise to problem solve, accomplish challenging goals or provide the best solutions to complete challenging schedules


Our team strives to exceed client expectations by providing honest commitment, & integrity while also providing the best possible quality & value in a safe and efficient manner. 


UCGI hopes to be your one stop shop for all things construction related on your future projects.

Unified Construction Group Overview

Address: 1 Zukowski
Established: 2022
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