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Hamilton House Update 02/08/23

60-Story Hamilton House in Miami's Edgewater Neighborhood Filing Construction and Demolition Permits 

The mixed-use waterfront structure is quickly moving through the permitting stage with recent demolition and construction permits filed.

On December 22, 2022, the main construction permits were applied for. 

One month later, the final plans are actively being reviewed. The project is estimated to cost around $148M. 

Permit records state that the building plans include a 60-story, 649-foot structure that will offer 241 residential units and a 3500-square-foot restaurant. A contractor has not yet been selected.

Five adjacent 2-story multifamily properties that house a total of 22 units will be demolished. Demolition permits for the properties were generated between January 11 and January 23, with Florida Demolition Inc listed as the contractor.

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