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MIT Kendall Square Initiative Update 04/24/18

A New Era in Kendall Square

via MIT News

As construction continues, the MIT Kendall Square Initiative project is expected to offer significant benefits for Cambridge, for MIT, and for the region. 

It will bring new housing units to one of the most sought-after parts of the city, as well as major new research and development facilities to what is already, as The Boston Globe recently described the Kendall area, “the beating heart of biotech. And if Kendall is the beating heart, then MIT must be the aorta. …” 

The new facilities will provide even greater opportunities for interaction and cross-fertilization between the biotech and other high-tech companies that have flocked to the area, and the students and faculty of MIT, whose presence helped draw those companies in the first place. 

The intermingling of these academic and commercial communities should further enhance the already abundant opportunity for partnerships, internships, collaborations, and serendipitous meetings.

The large development project remains on schedule using Touchplan, a construction software that allows developers to plan, implement, and monitor projects in their entirety. The innovative software gives developers the ability to see the full spectrum of their project down to every last detail. Touchplan has let developers keep their projects on or ahead of time leading to lower costs and more efficient construction.

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