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Pierce Boston Update 04/25/16

Pierce Boston about to pierce Boston's sky

Pierce Boston frame construction starts


Pierce Boston as seen from Brookline Avenue

Pierce Boston, named for its architecture that "pierces" the sky, is rising fast! Construction of Pierce Boston’s 30-story frame has begun. A tower crane has been installed; J. Derenzo Companies is at work building the tower crane’s lagging pit to protect the crane and surrounding pipelines. J. Derenzo Companies is also performing excavations for installation of plumbing at Pierce Boston.


J. Derenzo Companies builds crane lagging pit


J. Derenzo Companies performs excavations for plumbing

Pierce Boston’s elevator core has risen two stories. A Peri Skydeck formwork system has been installed along one end of Pierce Boston’s future frame to pour concrete for the building's second story. S&F Concrete is Pierce Boston's concrete contractor; John Moriarty & Associates is Pierce Boston's general contractor.


Pierce Boston with tower crane at left, Peri Skydeck at center and elevator core at right


Pierce Boston with elevator core at left and Peri Skydeck at right

At the frame’s opposite end, a wall is under construction for the Peri system’s second half.


Pierce Boston construction team prepares Peri system wall


A worker prepares the Peri system wall

The Peri system will soon extend all the way to the wall, and concrete for Pierce Boston's second story will be poured. 


View of the wall (at left) with respect to the rest of the currently built Peri system

The Peri system will frame the concrete pour for Pierce Boston's second story. Concrete will be poured along the top of the system's decking and along support pillars beneath. The following is an animation showing concrete poured along a Peri system:

Once the concrete has settled, the same Peri system will be used to construct all 30 of Pierce Boston’s stories. Concrete has already been poured along some of Pierce Boston's second story support pillars.


View of Peri system underbody. Note concrete anchors in place for pouring of support pillars.


View of Peri system underbody. Concrete has been poured along some second story support pillars.

We got to climb to the top of the Peri system's decking, where we saw the construction team preparing concrete anchors in anticipation of pouring concrete to construct Pierce Boston’s second story. These anchors will frame third story support pillars.


Construction team prepares concrete anchors for the next story's concrete pour


Another angle of concrete anchor preparation atop the Peri system's decking

At the top, we found more Peri system decking panels that will be used to construct the full Peri system decking for Pierce Boston’s second story concrete pour.


Peri system decking panels ready for full system construction

The following is a video in which Joel Hagan of S&F Concrete explains the Peri system:

From the top of the Peri system decking, we saw freshly poured concrete along what will be a loading dock for Pierce Boston. Pierce Boston's underground parking structure, partially located beneath the future loading lock, is complete.


Aerial view of freshly poured loading dock concrete


Straight-on view of freshly poured loading dock concrete

The Pierce Boston construction team is hard at work building a game-changing tower that will set a new standard for Boston luxury living.


A worker prepares to install a new Peri system decking panel and extend the Peri system along Pierce Boston's full dimensions


A worker constructs Pierce Boston's future loading dock

Additional information about Pierce Boston is posted below.

Feb 20, 2016

Pierce Boston frame about to rise

J. Derenzo Companies is performing excavations in preparation for construction of the first story of Pierce Boston’s 30-story frame. Concrete is just about to be poured at the base of Pierce Boston’s future elevator core. A tower crane is now being installed, signaling the impending start of frame construction.

Pierce Boston's future elevator core ready for a concrete pour. In the background is the base of Pierce Boston's tower crane.

A full view of the Pierce Boston construction site with the future elevator core at center. At right is J. Derenzo Companies preparing for Pierce Boston's frame construction

Pierce Boston's underground parking structure is just about complete and will soon be sealed from above. Accordingly, construction of Pierce Boston's sheet pile wall is complete. The parking structure is connected underground to the existing parking structure of neighboring Fenway Triangle.

View of Pierce Boston sheet pile wall above underground parking structure

Pile driving is complete at Pierce Boston. Pile drivers have been moved off site, making way for construction of Pierce Boston's frame.

Pile drivers are no longer located on the Pierce Boston construction site

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