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Telford 180 Update 11/08/16

Dellbrook | JKS frames Telford 180 superstructure, pre-sales start

The Dellbrook | JKS construction team has completed Telford 180’s below-grade parking level and is at work framing the 85-unit condominium building’s first floor superstructure. Concrete has been poured along the base of the first floor and the below-grade parking area. Concrete has also been poured along a section of the vertical superstructure framing. Telford 180 is expected to open for occupancy in Fall 2017; pre-sales of Telford 180 condominiums are now underway. A new website, Telford180.com, has been released for Telford 180. Newly released renderings of Telford 180 can be found above. The following are photographs of the Telford 180 construction site:

Telford 180 Photos

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