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Archer Towers Update 09/14/21

Construction Update for Jamaica Tower Development

Seen from a dirty train window on just about the gloomiest day possible, the Archer Towers site in Jamaica shows us that rain or shine, construction is always progressing quickly here. In our last update, we observed rebar laying over the initial footing and set framing cages for the basement support columns. Fast forward to now, and it appears that the basement floor has been poured. The outer foundation walls are clearly the next priority as they're currently being reinforced and waterproofed before concrete is poured. Based on the shrink wrap placement, it's likely that a blindside waterproofing technique will be utilized. This means the wrap will be in direct contact with the concrete when the foundation walls are poured, thus keeping them dry and protected. It's also worth noting that some of the foundation molds are already being assembled, which indicates that concrete deliveries can be expected soon.

Archer Towers is being developed by BRP Companies and will stand 24-stories tall. It will contain over 600 residential units and total well over 500,000 square feet. Community and retail space will be included as well as parking for over 200 vehicles. Construction began in April, but an estimated completion date has not been announced.

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