Peabody Terrace Update 08/09/19

Hemenway Construction Continues Work on Mechanical Upgrades to Brookline Condo Project

Hemenway Construction Management continues to work on the full mechanical upgrade at the 69 unit condo building, Peabody Terrace in Brookline. The property requires new heating and domestic hot water systems after the original oil-burning boiler failed and the subsequent heat pumps installed just 2 years ago have not been able to provide adequate heating for the building. The job consists of the installation of two 1 million BTU domestic hot water boilers and two 2 million BTU heating boilers.

Currently, Hemenway is working to install new rental radiators in each occupied home, requiring complex scheduling with individual condo owners and top quality customer service. Along with new mechanicals in each unit and common areas, the project also includes electrical and fire alarm upgrades and high-quality finish work. Hemenway expects construction to be complete within the next 2 months.

Mechanical Upgrades Peabody Terrace Brookline

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