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West Falls Church Gateway Update 07/29/22

New Life to West Falls Church Redevelopment Plans

Virginia Tech’s Northern Virginia Center is a 101,000-square-foot office building on roughly 7.4 acres across from the West Falls Church Metro Station. The property is owned by Falls Church but leased the majority to Virginia Tech since 1995. Under Falls Church’s new agreements with Virginia Tech and Rushmark, the city could sell the site to the developer for $25 million, including $16.57 million that it would then pay to the university.

The Northern Virginia Center redevelopment began in 2018 after Rushmark offered to purchase the land. The university had unveiled plans to partner with HITT Contracting in 2019 but subsequently called them off late last year. The news put West Falls Church's comprehensive redevelopment plan in jeopardy.

According to the application, the development must feature a 240,000-square-foot office building for HITT’s corporate headquarters, including at least 40,000 square feet for a Virginia Tech National Center for Smart Construction. it also must provide at least 440 residential units with ground-floor retail, and the construction of a West Falls Station Blvd through the site, among other road improvements.

The project will have to first be approved by the governor for the land transfer from Virginia Tech to the city. Then Rushmark would submit its plans to Fairfax County.

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