100 High Street Update 05/29/24

Noble Castella Debuts at High Street Place with a Taste of Japanese Tradition

High Street Place, downtown Boston's bustling food hall celebrated for its vibrant dining scene and diverse culinary offerings, is delighted to announce a unique new addition to its array of restaurants with the opening of Noble Castella. This new venture introduces an authentic Japanese-inspired pastry experience to Boston, featuring the traditional Castella cake as its centerpiece, skillfully crafted under the guidance of founders Esmeralda Isufi and Aldo Kasaj.

Noble Castella was conceived from Esmeralda and Aldo's shared passion for Japanese culture and culinary arts, stemming from a memorable trip to Japan. Recognizing High Street Place as the ideal venue for their vision, they were inspired to introduce their specialty cakes and pastries in a welcoming, fast-casual setting in downtown Boston.

"We are thrilled to bring a genuine slice of Japanese pastry culture to High Street Place," says Co-founder Esmeralda Isufi. "Our Castella cakes and other pastries are made with passion and precision, aiming to offer a unique culinary experience that transports our guests straight to Japan with every bite."

The menu at Noble Castella is rich with variety, featuring the signature Noble Castella Cake in classic flavors such as Matcha and Ube, alongside an array of other delectable offerings including fresh stroopwafels, fluffy pancakes, and bubble waffles. Guests can also savor a diverse selection of pastries and desserts such as traditional Japanese Basque cheesecakes, assorted flavored tarts like Yuzu Citrus and Hokkaido Milk Pudding, and unique treats like the Matcha Cupcakes and Ube Cupcakes. Each item is crafted from scratch, employing traditional techniques to ensure authenticity and the highest quality. The founders’ commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of Noble Castella’s offerings, ensuring that each pastry not only delights the taste buds but also embodies the essence of traditional Japanese desserts.

Co-founder Aldo Kasaj adds, "High Street Place's dynamic and eclectic food scene makes it the perfect backdrop for Noble Castella. We are excited to share our love for Japanese pastries with the Boston community, and we're confident that our offerings will resonate with those who seek both tradition and innovation in their culinary experiences."

Lauren Johnson, Senior Marketplace Manager at High Street Place, commented, "The addition of Noble Castella enriches our food hall's diverse culinary landscape. Esmeralda and Aldo's dedication to their craft and their ability to deliver a truly authentic and high-quality Japanese pastry experience make Noble Castella a standout destination for our visitors."


Esmeralda Isufi and Aldo Kasaj, Co-Founders of Noble Castella;
Photo Courtesy High Street Place

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