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Archer Towers Update 11/16/21

Superstructure Starts to Rise for Jamaica Tower Project

When we last took a look at the Archer Towers project in Jamaica, many of the basement perimeter walls had just been poured, but construction was still very much in the foundation stage. However, after passing by the site just this week, we can confirm that a significant amount of progress has taken place over the last month and a half.

Approximately 2-3 levels of the story concrete superstructure have been raised so far. At this point, the majority of construction is in the hands of Highbury Concrete, who have installed two massive pumps on the top of the growing structure. It appears that wooden molds are being used rather than slip-forming equipment for this particular project. While there are many reasons that factor into this type of decision, it may have to do with the building's wide horizontal dimensions and irregularly shaped floorplans.

In addition to the superstructure progress, another notable change is the installation of a tower crane. Serving as both a symbolic icon of urban development and an essential tool to move materials around the site, this machine will grow progressively taller as more floors are added.

Developed by BRP Companies, Archer Towers will contain  housing units. Totaling over sqft, it will also have room for  parking spaces, and 20,000 sqft of amenity space. The project was originally estimated to finish by the summer of this year, but due to COVID-19 delaying the start of construction, it's likely that the build will continue through next year, and into 2023.

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