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Sullivan Square Overview

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Address : 32 Spice Street
City : Boston
State : MA
Zip : 02129
Sectors : Housing, Retail, Office, Lab, and Hotel/Lodging
Construction Status : ****************
Last Update : 03/18/24
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Developers: ******************
Architects: *********
General Contractors: ******************

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Engineers: ********
Legal Services: **************
Commercial Mortgage Bankers: **************************
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Basic Details

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PRO Data

Acquisition Purchase Price : **************
Date Acquired : ********
Under Review On : ********
Approved On : ********
Proposed Units : ***
FAR : ****
Price/SQFT of Acquisition Building : *****
Price/SQFT of Acquisition Land : ******
Zoning : **********
Sqft of Land : *******
Sqft of Office : *******
Sqft of Lab : *******
Industrial Sqft Land : ********
Previous Owner : **************************
Keys : ***

Latest News 6

Sep 29, 2023

RISE’s 40 Roland Street Project Approved in Charlestown


Feb 22, 2023

FinanceBoston Arranges $5,000,000 in Mezzanine Financing for Pre-Construction Activities for 420 Units in Charlestown


Jul 28, 2022

Notice of Project Change Filed for 1M SF Sullivan Square Project


Apr 04, 2022

1M SF Under Review for Phase-1 Sullivan Square Development


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Recent Comments

The interesting thing about all of these massive projects coming to light right before the City of Boston is getting ready to vote in a far-leftist, anti-business, anti-development, ULTRA pro-NIMBY mayor who potentially will pull the plug on most if not all major developments within the City bounds of Boston proper. If Wu becomes Mayor, STICKS TO HER RIDICULOUSLY FAR LEFT AGENDA, and ultimately fails to see that a staunch anti-development, ultra NIMBY EMPOWERMENT stance will cause great harm to the City of Boston, well, then you (all those Boston residents thinking very wrongly that an extreme socialist platform will help your economic conditions) will be in for a very sad surprise when they see very little to perhaps ZERO affordable residential being built in the City, the crime rate soaring if the Wu gets her wish to defund the Police, and so forth. OMG, She will be a total disaster and the AEC (Architectural Engineering and Construction) industry in Boston will be in for a VERY BAD ride in the next four years

FTR, I left out the word "UNITS" within my above comment alluding to the build-out of affordable residential units (apartments and condos).
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