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Located on one of Boston’s most popular streets, this Charles Street renovation transformed an aging small hotel into a modern short term rental complex. While keeping the traditional features in the common areas, each unit was updated with modern finishes and kitchens. Space saving features like Murphy beds were installed in the studio apartments to maximize living space. The following are photograph of 94 Charles Street Apartments:


94 Charles Street Apartments

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Issue Date Doc Type Docnumber Description Consideration Grantor Grantee Follow
02/04/20 Permit PL1047512 Search $16,000.00 ITK ITK
01/16/20 Permit SF1042734 Search $41,700.00 ITK ITK
07/29/19 Permit E979030 Search $2,500.00 ITK ITK
06/18/19 Permit SF965381 Search $45,330.00 ITK ITK
04/12/19 Permit PL941335 Search $800.00 ITK ITK
04/01/19 Permit SF936969 Search $9,234.00 ITK ITK
02/06/19 Permit SF915230 Search $8,000.00 ITK ITK
02/24/20 Permit SF1054896 Search $19,700.00 ITK ITK
05/18/20 Mortgage 38628 $1,000,000.00 ITK ITK

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