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Get In Contact with College Point Logistics Center
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College Point Logistics Center Overview

Address : 28 Whitestone Expressway
City : New York
State : NY
Zip : 11354
Sectors : Industrial and Parking
Construction Status : ******************

Organizations Working On College Point Logistics Center

PRO Organizations

Owner: *****
Developers: ******************
General Contractors: ******************
Architects: *********

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Structural Engineer: *******************
MEP: ***
Plumbing: ********
Concrete: ********
HVAC: ****
Construction Loans: ******************
Scaffolding/Shoring: *******************
Investor: ********
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Matthew A. Dicker
Wildflower LTD
Title: Partner / CFO
Email: matt@wildflowerltd.com
Office: New York, NY
Kevin Barrett
Hunter Roberts Construction Group
Title: Executive Vice President
Phone: (212) 321-6800
Email: kbarrett@hrcg.com
Office: Jersey City, NJ
Joseph Lo
Title: Senior Project Architect
Phone: (212) 468-4498
Email: joseph_lo@gensler.com
Office: New York, NY
Robert Ioanna
Syska Hennessy Group
Title: Executive Principal
Phone: (212) 921-2300
Email: rioanna@syska.com
Office: New York, NY
Nicolas Ibanez
Drake Real Estate Partners
Title: President & Co-Founder
Phone: (646) 430-6700
Email: niv@drakerep.com
Office: New York, NY
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Basic Details

Stories : *
Construction Cost : ***************

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Mar 28, 2023

Developer Secures $94M Loan for College Point Industrial Project


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