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About Hearth at Four Corners

16 Ronald Street, Dorchester, Boston, MA

Approved four-story residential building that will contain 54 affordable senior apartments, including two studios and 52 one-bedrooms. A multipurpose room will be located on the building's first floor that will be used for resident dining and recreational activities. Recreation areas will be built on site that will be made available to the surrounding community. The project site is located in Dorchester steps to the Four Corners/Geneva commuter rail station

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Latest Updates

Mar 17, 2020

Plumbing Permit Pulled for Hearth at Four Corners


Jan 05, 2020

Wood Framing Ongoing for The Hearth at Four Corners


Aug 29, 2019

Electrical and Fire Alarm Permits Pulled for Hearth at Four Corners


Jul 30, 2019

Hearth at Four Corners Financed for $20.1 Million


Nov 21, 2016

Hearth at Four Corners, 54 new Dorchester affordable senior apartments, approved


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11/04/19 Permit ETS1016668 Search $1,500.00 ITK ITK
10/18/19 Permit PL1013606 Search $150,000.00 ITK ITK
08/28/19 Permit E993014 Search $1,074,035.00 ITK ITK
08/28/19 Permit EFA993036 Search $34,000.00 ITK ITK
07/24/19 Permit ERT640228 Search $13,600,000.00 ITK ITK
03/16/20 Permit PL1061108 Search $600,000.00 ITK ITK
03/16/20 Permit G1061114 Search $100,000.00 ITK ITK
Mortgage 61367 Search $10,000,000.00 ITK ITK
Mortgage 61368 Search $1,075,000.00 ITK ITK
Mortgage 61377 Search $500,000.00 ITK ITK
Mortgage 61372 Search $7,450,000.00 ITK ITK
Mortgage 61376 Search $1,580,000.00 ITK ITK
Mortgage 61375 Search $714,777.00 ITK ITK
Mortgage 61373 Search $750,000.00 ITK ITK
Deed 61364 Search $1.00 ITK ITK

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