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About Lowell High School

50 Father Morissette Blvd, Lowell, MA

Upcoming renovations and additions to the Lowell High School to include two major new construction additions as well as two new bridges over the canal.

Two new wings added will consist of a 5-story academic wing for the Freshman Academy (FA) oriented for predominantly North/South facing classrooms and a 2-story gymnasium wing to house all physical education, adaptive PE, ROTC drills, associated team and locker rooms and mechanical space. This building will be zoned for Community Use and can be completely separated from the academic spaces, but designed to be adjacent to and accessible from the “heart of the school.”

The 1980’s building and the 1922 building will be renovated as new for Academics, Administration, dispersed SPED, Visual and Performing Arts as well as fully renovating the existing Auditorium.

Site improvements include a new entry plaza with overhang, sidewalk, and lawn along Father Morrisette Boulevard, internal Lawn/Green Space, an outdoor plaza off the Cafeteria facing the canal, a new service, and a delivery drive with a modest amount of parking. 

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