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MGH Expansion Project Overview

Address : 31 Fruit Street
County : Suffolk County
Zip : 02114
Sectors : Healthcare
Status : Under Official Review

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Construction Cost : *****************
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Cost/Sqft : *****************
Sqft of Land : ******
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LLC Owner Phone : **************
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Under Review On : ********
FAR : *****
Building Cost/Sqft : *******
Architect Name : ******************
Architect Email : *****************************
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Property Developer Name : ************************
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Property Developer Phone : **********

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Jul 29, 2021

Work Begins on $10M MGH Patient Intake Outfit


Apr 23, 2021

IMP Released for Massachusetts General Hospital Development


Dec 16, 2020

Design Changes to MGH Expansion Project Released, Additional Renderings


Feb 20, 2019

MGH's proposed expansion project at 555 Fruit Street is now under official review.


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Recent Comments

Philip Harris
As one who most definitely is a STRONG PROPONENT of new developments in the City of Boston and GREATER Boston in general, I would support the build-out of new, HIGHLY needed, and critically important HOSPITAL EXPANSION PROJECTS, yet in this case, I like the very old buildings that may be razed to the ground should the project get the green light. Therefore, I am, not outwardly saying no to the MGH expansion, but is there ANY WAY to incorporate the old to ancient West End buildings into the design, at least the facades?

Philip Harris
I withdraw my previous commentary as I believe certain new developments must take precedence over preservation if such old buildings slated for demolition are NOT of American Historical importance; there are many districts in the Central Core of Boston already slated as Historical Districts and as I have stated on this Blog Site and others, BOSTON CANNOT BECOME an URBAN MUSEUM whereby there is a great impediment to the economic revitalization of the City that is tied intrinsically new construction developments. I am not one to join any sort of NIMBY ZEALOT groups.
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