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About Northland Needham Street Development

Needham Street at Oak Street, Newton, MA

Proposed 22.6 acre development that would transform Needham Street in Newton with new residential, office and retail space. Northland’s proposed development would construct up to 800 residential units, 180,000 square feet of office space and 115,000 square feet of retail space, replacing existing surface parking lots, retail strips and industrial buildings. Underground parking for 1,450 cars and 200-car valet capacity would also be included on-site.

Per a Concept Board produced by Northland, the development would prioritize pedestrians over cars, creating an “appealing, walkable streetscape along Needham Street” and building new walkable streets that connect to adjacent neighborhoods. A new pedestrian-friendly Main Street would be created through the development lined with stores and restaurants, connecting Upper Falls Village to Needham Street.

Diverse open landscaped spaces would be created throughout Northland's development including 7 parks. The historic Oak Street Mill, which is located on site, would be retained and restored; new architecture would complement the surrounding Saco-Pettee Historic District.

The following is a bird's eye view:


Birds Eye View


The following is the land use concept:


Land Use Concept

Square Feet 1,400,000




Affordable Housing

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Mar 04, 2020

Newton Residents Vote YES on Northland's 22+ Acre Development


Dec 03, 2019

Newton City Council Approves Northland's Mixed-Use Project


Nov 03, 2016

Northland releases preliminary renderings for 30-acre Needham Street development


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