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Architects Spagnolo Gisness & Associates (SGA)
Engineers WSP and VHB
Landscape Architects Stoss Landscape Urbanism
Developers Redgate
Specialty Consultants Geosyntec

About South Boston Power Plant

776 Summer Street, South Boston, Boston, MA

Proposed 1.93 million square foot, 15.2-acre mixed-use development featuring 1,344 residential units, 368,070 square feet of office space, a 344-key hotel, and 85,630 square feet of retail and restaurant space, in addition to 1,397 above-and-below-grade parking spaces.

Updated plans submitted in July 2019 call for the total square footage to be reduced to 1,780,000. Residential units have been decreased to 750 total and office space increased from to 470,000 square feet. Retail space planned is down slightly to 81,200 square feet. 330,000 square feet of R&D/Lab space has been added to the proposal along with 14,000 square feet of civic/cultural space. 

The development would replace and incorporate an existing former Edison power plant. Eight new multi-story buildings would be constructed; four buildings would be 170 feet high and taller. Three architecturally-significant former turbine halls that run end-to-end through the site’s center would be rehabilitated and would be the development’s “heart and soul”. Local retail and other amenities would be located on buildings' ground floors. The proposed development would be LEEDv4 sustainability certifiable.

Multiple new pedestrian connections would be created between the development and the surrounding streets, creating a new link between South Boston and the Reserved Channel waterfront. 1.15 acres of waterfront public space would be created along the Reserved Channel; the space would celebrate the working port’s heritage. A number of indoor and outdoor spaces would be devoted to the arts, creating an “arts and industry” district for artists and other creative individuals.

The project site is located at the corner of First and Summer Streets in South Boston, steps to East Broadway and near Boston's Innovation and Design Building. Downtown Boston and the Seaport District are a short drive or bus ride away. Construction of the proposed development would occur over the next 10 to 15 years. The development’s first phase, which would include demolition of existing buildings, preservation of turbine halls and construction of new housing along East First Street. The industrial power plant site would be fully decommissioned and cleaned.

The development program would construct eight new buildings and rehabilitate the three turbine halls.

The following is a site plan of the proposed development:

south boston power plant

The following are renderings of the proposed development:


South Boston Power Plant Renderings


The following is a project locus graphic:


Site Locus

Square Feet 2,100,000






Stories 21
Height (feet) 206
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Latest Updates

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Aug 27, 2019

Updated Plans for South Boston Power Plant Reduce Residential and Add Lab Space


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Aug 17, 2018

Redgate and Hilco Submit Updated Plans for South Boston Power Plant


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May 17, 2017

Detailed South Boston Power Plant redevelopment plans revealed


South boston power plant project

Apr 25, 2017

2.1 million square foot development envisioned at South Boston power plant site


South boston power plant development

Nov 16, 2016

South Boston Power Plant development preparations underway


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Oct 02, 2016

Mixed-use development envisioned for South Boston Power Plant site


Default project

Apr 26, 2016

South Boston power plant sale closes for $24.25 million


Default project

Apr 12, 2016

Redgate and Hilco Global reach deal to buy South Boston Power Plant


Default project

Feb 11, 2016

Former Boston Edison power plant listed for sale.


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