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About Washington Street Plaza

15-35 Washington Street, Brighton, Boston, MA

The Project will include new construction of a 282,991 square foot building, featuring up to 270 dwelling units consisting of multi-family apartments, a new approximately 45,753-square foot Whole Foods grocery store, a new approximately 3,593-square foot Citizens Bank, and up to 323 structured parking spaces that will support the residential and commercial uses. Both the existing Whole Foods grocery store and Citizens Bank will be reconstructed on site and relocated into new retail spaces facing Washington Street. The Project seeks to replace what are currently small retail buildings and a large surface parking lot with a vibrant mixed-use development activated by ground-floor retail uses with housing above.

The property is a 2.3-acre site that is currently home to a Whole Foods store and Citizens Bank. The plaza is located 2 miles from Fenway Park in the inner suburb of Brighton, Massachusetts, and offers an incredible opportunity to potentially redevelop within a very limited market of the City of Boston.


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Jul 29, 2018

Kimco Realty has filed a Letter of Intent to redevelop their property known as Washington...


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