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6 Technologies Changing the Construction Industry 09/16/20

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Construction has generally been a slow-changing industry. Generally accepted standards in the industry make it difficult to quickly adopt new technology while maintaining quality control. However, now that cutting-edge tech has been integrated into the building and development process, the construction industry is readily embracing new innovations. We’re finally seeing the substantial benefits that this technology represents trickling down to everyday projects. 

Technology is actively saving time and money on construction projects. Here’s a look at some of the latest technologies and their benefits for building:

#1. GPS Positioning

Utilizing Trimble construction technology and GPS controller and rover systems, project managers can easily plot real-time points at construction sites for daily production. Today, project managers from every trade are actively pinpointing layouts from site work to electrical receptacle placement. Integrating with project management software, GPS can be used to interact with scaled construction drawings in real-time on-site to streamline projects.

#2. Smart IoT Infrastructure

The Internet of Things (IoT) has expanded tremendously since it was born out of the fact that more “things” were connected to the internet than people in 2008/2009. IoT power system devices integrated with data concentrator architecture can provide real-time protection for electrical systems and equipment while simultaneously providing valuable insight through real-time monitoring and notification. The IoT is the smart infrastructure of the smart building and smart city.

#3. Virtual Reality Integration 

Virtual and augmented reality are an interesting new technology that is being experimented with in order to assist in the construction industry. VR simulations allow teams to plan for the worst-case scenarios, such as storms or disasters, enabling forward-thinking safeguards to be put in place. AR-powered tablets and goggles overlay multiple layers of information onto the user’s real-time view, revealing otherwise hidden details or prospective updates to the project. Integrated with BIM Software and Project Management Software, construction designers, project managers, and contractors can see three-dimensional representations of what is being built right in front of their eyes in real-time.

#4. BIM Software 

Building information modeling (BIM) blends the very best of today’s tech software to create an online program where projects can be built in an interactive digital environment. BIM software can hold massive amounts of information - allowing builders to create and see the entire development or zoom into small details in 3D. 

Teams can mitigate issues or replan designs as needed now that they’re able to envision the entire project pre-development. By seeing all of the various architectural and mechanical drawings in one place in a three-dimensional format, any and all conflicts can be identified prior to the construction process. This saves both time and money as mistakes are far easier to avoid.

#5. Robotics 

Robots are taking projects beyond the limitations of manpower. Humanoid robots and swarm robots are two forms of this technology that are able to perform tasks that aren’t safe for humans or require strength beyond the average person. Robots can do things faster and more efficiently than a human can, helping projects progress faster while cultivating a safer environment for workers.

#6. Electric Vehicles

Tech-powered vehicles have made transporting construction materials more sustainable and cost-effective. Electric delivery trucks and vans are able to travel farther while cutting out the expense of fuel and the carbon footprint of gasoline. While not yet fully integrated into U.S. construction, the eventual introduction of autonomous vehicles will boost the efficiency and reach of construction delivery even further.

Let Tech Work for You

These are just some ways in which technology is transforming the construction industry and allowing for new opportunities to push the limits of what is possible on future projects. We at Hemenway Construction strive to stay current with the latest trends in the industry and find affordable and practical solutions for everyday projects. From advanced and affordable high-performance uPVC glazing systems such as Amberline to state of the art air quality control systems from IQAir, Hemenway is constantly working with Owners and Architects to find the right solutions for their projects.

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Hemenway Construction Management has been developed as a new and up and coming general contracting and full-service construction management company for the 21st century. We strive to provide “back to basics” service with a modern sustainable platform. The combination of innovative research, cooperation with local, state, and federal organizations and programs, and willingness to stay on the cutting edge with the latest in software and integration, separates Hemenway from other companies in the industry.

We provide general contracting services, construction services, preventative maintenance services, and mechanical service to the New England area, mostly limited to Massachusetts but also NH and RI. Hemenhalt covers a wide range of the industry from new construction to remodels and rehabilitation projects, to sustainable upgrades in both the residential and commercial sectors. Whether developing a new community or adding solar panels to your rooftop, Hemenway will carry you from planning and design through to a successful finished product.

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