Saving Money, Time & Your Sanity: Why Owners & Managers Should Hire a GC 02/06/20

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As we are all too familiar Boston winters can be brutal and many of our aging buildings don’t provide the heating capacity needed to keep up with tenant demands. As he wraps up a full mechanical upgrade to an aging building just outside Boston, Chris Hemenway, the owner of Hemenway Construction Management looks back on the winding path this particular project took before his firm was brought on board. When the original oil burner at the building failed about 3 years ago the building owners decided to have heat pump mini-splits installed as their primary heat source. Shortly thereafter the issues began and the building’s ownership quickly realized a new system would be needed. With complaints ringing in their ears, they then went in the opposite direction and over-engineered their system. Enter Hemenway, who now handled the full installation along with finish work needed to accommodate the new system. Had Chris been called earlier he could have saved these owners hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is just one example of why owners and property managers should hire an experienced general contractor. 

Along with monetary savings, another benefit to hiring a GC will be the time saved by allowing them to deal directly with residents and unit owners. Property managers or condo boards can cut themselves out as the middleman and avoid the headaches of scheduling and handling concerns and questions. Having a personable, professional GC connect directly with residents should ensure the process runs smoothly. The goal, keeping residents happy during what could be a very stressful period. As any manager/owner knows this is a trying task at the best of times so being able to assign to a trusted representative will certainly help save your patience for the next challenge.

While many property management firms may have in house maintenance staff they often lack the expertise for complicated capital improvement projects. A general contractor like Hemenway Construction has the ability to pull from a long list of talented construction professionals across all fields. This streamlined process reduces costs and saves time on projects.  Plus with years of experience, they are adept at creating solutions to transform existing building systems into new, efficient, and economical uses to meet client’s needs. Additionally, a good general contractor has an abundance of resources with experienced specialty subcontractors and multiple vendors to pull from for every situation. By taking the input from engineers, knowledgeable contractors, and vendors, a good general contractor can provide substantial value engineering cost savings. Let’s also not forget that regular maintenance staff is often busy with routine maintenance and hiring and training new staff who may not be needed as permanent members of the team brings up its own set of challenges.

Ultimately working with a general contractor, like Hemenway Construction, will bring value to your project and in turn your property. Before tackling your next capital project or worse putting it off until next year, consider consulting with a contractor.  An experienced GC will make the process much easier on you the owner/manager, saving you money, time, and often your sanity. For more information about Hemenway Construction visit their website at or contact Chris Hemenway.

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Hemenway Construction Management has been developed as a new and up and coming general contracting and full-service construction management company for the 21st century. We strive to provide “back to basics” service with a modern sustainable platform. The combination of innovative research, cooperation with local, state, and federal organizations and programs, and willingness to stay on the cutting edge with the latest in software and integration, separates Hemenway from other companies in the industry.

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