New Survey Reveals High Speed Internet Matters to Renters 02/06/20

New Survey Reveals High-Speed Internet Matters to Renters


The Internet powers pretty much every aspect of our lives, including our smart homes, so it’s no surprise that internet service is a major consideration when deciding where to live. Starry, a new internet service provider, conducted a survey in April 2018 that revealed a majority of renters consider either availability or cost of internet service in their rental decisions but remain dissatisfied with the service they get from their providers. Renters want and deserve a better internet experience, and that impacts where they choose to live.


How satisfied are you with your current internet service provider?


55% of renters said they would be more likely to renew their lease if they were satisfied with their internet service. Building owners and managers typically consider internet to be a standard utility, like gas, electricity or water. But there’s little building managers can do to improve upon most utilities. Internet service is different. Service varies in quality, and offering better internet is a point of differentiation.


What would you most want to improve about your current internet service?



It may be surprising to learn that internet can have an impact on occupancy and/or terms of lease, but evidence suggests it does. Offering high-quality internet like Starry is perceived by many renters as comparable to adding luxury upgrades, except installation is easy and costs building owners nothing. Discerning renters love Starry for their $50 flat, unbundled monthly cost with no contract required. Included in that cost is 200 Mbps service, 24/7 customer care, and a state-of-the-art touch-screen WiFi router to monitor speeds and control connected devices, called the Starry Station. In effect, offering Starry internet is like adding a high-value amenity to residents, which can increase their overall satisfaction with their home.


Does cost of available internet service options factor into your monthly rental budget?



In the study, 58% of renters said that they factor internet cost into their monthly rental budget. Owners and property managers typically don’t promote cost of utilities to prospective tenants. But adding Starry internet can elevate the internet experience from being a boring utility to a luxury amenity, which is what a lot of renters are looking for. Consider installing Starry Internet to upgrade your building today.

About Starry


Starry is a new kind of internet service that uses next-generation technology to beam lightning fast internet through the air. Their advanced, millimeter wave technology lets them deliver gigabit-capable internet faster, and more efficiently than traditional cable internet. That means building owners and managers get hassle-free setup with no capital costs and residents just get a faster, better way to get online.


Starry conducted a consumer research survey in April to understand what matters to internet customers and how to give them what they want. Their goal is to provide ‘happy interneting’, or a delightful customer experience.


Starry Internet is available in Boston, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and New York. The company is also expanding to over a dozen markets later this year: Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, and Minneapolis.

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Starry is a radical, new internet service – made for the future and beamed wirelessly through the air. By using advanced millimeter wave technology they’re able to leapfrog outdated internet infrastructure and deliver brilliantly fast, gigabit-capable internet, at a fraction of the cost. For building owners and managers, this means hassle-free setup at zero cost to the property. For residents, it’s simply a faster, better way to get online. That’s what they call Happy Interneting. And it’s live in Boston.

Give your residents internet they’ll brag about. Contact Starry today.

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