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31 Flagg Drive

status unknown

About Fuller Middle School

31 Flagg Drive, Framingham, MA

The project builds on the District's educational program by embodying its stated commitment to a 21st century STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) student-centered education. The new school floor plan is characterized by two segmented arcs of classrooms facing one another across an open three-story Learning Common atrium. Classroom clusters can be flexibly arranged within the floors by utilizing monumental stairs, aggregating floors of cohort classrooms. At the center of each one of these cohorts will be located a collaboration space that is co-located with a cohort satellite station area. The Learning Common is surrounded by an array of common-shared spaces for the school community, including the media center, cafeteria, maker space, music and art classrooms, fabrication lab, gymnasium, and auditorium. The project, designed by Jonathan Levi Architects and constructed by Consigli Construction Co., is scheduled to open in August 2021.

31 Flagg Drive Overview

BLDUP Value Estimate : $32,553,820.00
Address: 31 Flagg Drive
Price / Sqft Acquisition of Land:
Price / Sqft Acquisition of Building:
Permitted Construction:
Land Value:
Building Value:
Sqft of Land:
Stories: 1
Frame Type:
Roof Material:

Organizations Working On 31 Flagg Drive

General Contractors:
Construction Supplies & Services:
Building Automation: