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Red Architects Ltd

Commercial Architect
Residential Architect
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Wood Structures

Red Architects is a full service architectural firm tending to the needs of clients in Chicago and its environs. Over the years, we have completed over 5000 projects ranging from single-family home remodeling to large-scale commercial ventures. The diverse spectrum of our designs includes complex landmark renovations as well as bold, eco-friendly creations that fit perfectly into residential communities. Yet no project is too small for us, whether a minor house addition or humble porch repairs. Our talented team of architects and professionals provides a comprehensive approach to every project. Always keeping the clients' particular requirements in mind, we work with the best engineers, contractors, and designers to create buildings that exemplify the highest standards of quality and innovation. Whenever needed, we know how to guide our clients through the local zoning process and help them obtain the necessary building permits. Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Chicago's East Village, within easy reach from the local expressways. We believe very strongly in the nature of architecture as a collaborative process that transforms the clients' dreams and aspirations into viable designs. Our approach is fundamentally based on ensuring that every project receives maximum personal attention. From the first meeting, we strive to discuss all the relevant design details with our clients, establishing a strong working relationship that lasts throughout the entire architectural and construction process. We recognize the importance of budgetary and time limitations, and we make sure that every project is handled expediently and economically without any sacrifices made to its core integrity. Our clients should always rest assured that we have the knowledge and the experience to solve various problems and obstacles that the project may encounter in all phases of its course. When the initial design finally blooms in the form of a fully completed project, it should be a cause for celebration - by our firm and our clients alike.

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Red Architects Ltd Overview

Address: 2123 North Damen Avenue
# of Projects: 1
Area of Work: Chicago
Work in Sectors: Housing
Established: 2021

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