Xmbly Update


Amended Plans Filed for Xmbly in Somerville

Changes have been proposed for the 9+ acre Xmbly development in Somerville. Currently, on the project, construction has kicked off for the 329 unit Alta XMBLY which would now be the only residential building within the project. New plans call for the elimination of the 190,000 square foot residential tower on Block 25. This change allows for an increase in publicly accessible open space and an increase in office/lab/R&D space by approximately 272,000 square feet, inclusive of approximately 80,000 square feet of innovative space. A total of 1,220,000 square feet of office/lab/R+D  space would now be provided within 3 buildings. Plans also call for a reduction in retail/restaurant space to 24,500 square feet but an increase in parking from 1696 spaces to 1899 in total.

alta xmbly

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