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About Xmbly

The Office and Research Center + The Residences at Assembly
Assembly Row, Somerville, MA

Four-phase, 1.9 million square foot development of a 9.4-acre Assembly Row parcel largely comprised of surface parking into a mixed-use complex with a hotel, lab, office, residential and retail uses. An existing 195,000 square foot office building (Block 24) would be retained. The four phases would be constructed as follows:

  • Phase 1 (Block 21): Five-story mixed-use building containing a 188-room hotel, 147 residential units and ground-floor retail facing public open space at the center of the site. Phase 1 would also construct 233 surface and subsurface parking spaces.
  • Phase 2 (Block 22): 20-story tower containing 14 stories and 480,000 square feet of Class A office/lab space above a six-story podium. The podium would contain two levels and 31,000 square feet of retail underneath four parking levels with 541 spaces.
  • Phase 3 (Block 23): Two 19-story, 1 million square foot office towers connected by a link. These towers would also sit above a retail and parking podium.
  • Phase 4 (Block 25): Five-story mixed-use building containing 72 residential units, 16,000 square feet of retail and a 100-car parking garage

In March 2020, the applicant has proposed to amend the project with the following changes

- Removal of Block 25 (190,000 SF residential tower) from the previously approved PUD-PMP (PB2018-7) to enable an increase of the central publicly accessible civic open space to approximately 58,000 SF

-  A total of approximately 1,220,000 SF of office/lab/R+D within three distinct buildings, inclusive of approximately 80,000 SF of innovation space

- A total of approximately 329 residential units located in one distinctive building (PB2018-12) at Alta XMBLY

- A total of approximately 24,500 SF of ground-floor retail and/or Active Use spaces including restaurants,

- A 15,000 SF potential fire station,

- 1,899 on-site below-and above-grade structured parking spaces. The previously approved PUD-PMP’s (PB 2018-7) parking ratios were applied to the proposed development program to adjust the number of provided parking to the Amended PUD-PMP program. Additionally, 38 on-street City-metered parking spaces are proposed to be provided on Road K designated for the fire station, retail/restaurant and active uses.

An updated site plan is below:

updated site plan xmbly


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Latest Updates

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Oct 16, 2016

1.9 million square foot development coming to Assembly Row


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01/05/17 Permit P17000004 Search $80.00 ITK ITK
02/05/18 Permit E18000147 Search $92.00 ITK ITK
06/10/15 Permit E15000702 Search $440.00 ITK ITK
02/15/17 Permit E17000193 Search $85.00 ITK ITK
10/02/19 Permit E19001562 Search $0.00 ITK
08/01/19 Permit ES19000372 Search $0.00 ITK

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