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Archer Towers Update 08/25/21

Construction Update for Tower Project in Jamaica

Over the last couple of months, we've been keeping an eye on a Jamaica, Queens job site, where Archer Towers is in the early stages of construction. (Click here to see our previous update and for a more detailed project description) With the initial footing now set, and rebar in place, the focus has now shifted towards the substructure. Vertical rebar cages are currently being constructed for the basement's reinforced support columns. Eventually, a mould will be built around each of these and concrete will be poured. Another bit of progress to report is that the base of the tower crane has now been installed on-site. While it only consists of a single section right now and is in no way functional, it still gives us a good indication of how fast this project is moving. During the construction of most skyscrapers, the foundation takes a considerable amount of time to complete. Once the substructure and the initial floors are poured, however, the superstructure starts to gain stories rapidly. Within the next couple of months, we should see this crane grow in size substantially.

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