Winthrop Center Update 10/29/19

NPC Filed for Winthrop Center Plus $30M Plumbing Permit Pulled

A notice of project changed has been filed for Millennium Partners Winthrop Center Project. The updated documents call for the following changes to the project.

- Height of the building remains the same however total square footage has been decreased from 1,650,000 to approximately 1,545,021

- The original proposal called for up to 500 residential units, current plans would include 387 

- Office square footage has increased from 750,000 square feet to 772,422

- One level of garage parking has been eliminated for a net loss of 50 parking spaces.

While the project change is under review construction is also ongoing on the site and a plumbing permit valued at $30M has been pulled for the project by EM Duggan.

winthrop center

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