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1707 8th St. NW Update 05/16/22

Zoning Commission Approves 1707 8th St. NW

Plans have been approved by the zoning commission for the replacement of the four vacant apartment buildings on the site with a 9-story, 295,645 sq. ft. multifamily project. The building would include 316 units with 93 parking spaces and a rooftop amenity space and pool. It would feature 93 parking spaces and a rooftop terrace. 

"The Project seeks to contribute much-needed new housing and affordable housing at a scale and density compatible with the surrounding single-family rowhouse uses and the nearby Seventh Street NW commercial corridor," MidCity said in its application. "The Project will foster a sense of vibrancy and activity with its resident community spaces on the ground floor, fronting the plaza."

The project will now move to a public hearing for final approval. 

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