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140 Clarendon Street Overview

Address : 140 Clarendon Street
City : Boston
State : MA
Zip : 02116
Sectors : Affordable Housing
Construction Status : *********************
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General Contractors: ******************

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Basic Details

Stories : **
Construction Cost : **********
Completion Date : ******** new

PRO Data

Sqft of Building : *******
Property Developer Name : ******************
Property Developer Email : *******************************
Property Developer Phone : ************
Architect Phone : ************
General Contractor Name : ************************
General Contractor Email : **************
General Contractor Phone : **********
LLC Owner : ******************
Acquisition Purchase Price : **************
Date Acquired : ********
Under Review On : ********
Approved On : ********
Start Date : ********
Proposed Units : ***
Final Units : ***
FAR : *****
Price/SQFT of Acquisition Building : ******
Price/SQFT of Acquisition Land : *******
Building Cost/Sqft : *****
Zoning : ******
Sqft of Land : ******
Sqft of Retail : *****
Sqft of Office : ******
Sqft of Residential : *******
Price per Door : *******
Proposed Affordable Units : ***
Final Affordable Units : ***
Apts Units Available : ***
Fitness Center : ***
Residential Lounge : ***
CoWorking Space : ***

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Jun 20, 2023

Construction Nearly Complete for 140 Clarendon Renovation


Dec 27, 2021

Plumbing Work Begins on Approved 140 Clarendon Redevelopment


Nov 03, 2021

140 Clarendon Street Sold for $41 Million


Oct 26, 2021

Work to Start on 210-Unit Back Bay Hotel Conversion


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Recent Comments

Count me in as one who believes in the preservation of OLD ARCHITECTURE in Boston by building over the ancient/old building with a VERTICAL extension much like was done way back in the 1911-1915 time frame when the Custom Tower was constructed over the massive Neo-Classical base structure completed in 1847. This is the optimal way forward for sustainable future development in Boston while maintaining the history of Boston through the preservation of older structures; freakish and nerdy as it may sound, but comic books and as well movies presented in the 1960s through the present time frame express a futuristic, vertical urban environment that builds over predecessor structures in a similar fashion to geologic strata expressing change through time through successive layers! In other words, allow Boston to grow vertically, though of course, severe zealot anti-high rise nutjobs will consider my vision as antithetical to their rabid height adverse stance on building developments in Boston as they wish to bring Boston back to the early 20th Century days when anything more than 10 stories or 125 FT in Height is absolutely abhorrent. NO MICHELLE WU as MAYOR FOR ME - she is anti-development to the MAX. and she will ABSOLUTELY pull the plug on the great, sustaining building boom in Boston!!!

Nice Building - just saw it on 2/7/2021 during my walk through an all too quiet, SNOWY, COVID SUNDAY afternoon stroll through the Western part of the Back Bay, Beacon Hill and Govt. Center areas. I applaud the planned use for this building for housing for those with lesser means (FTR, I voted for Biden-Harris, but I am NOT a Far LEFTO as in the likes of Michelle Wu, who will never be Mayor of Boston). I am strongly PRO DEVELOPMENT, ANTI-NIMBY, and I believe in building out more housing units for those of us who cannot deal with the great preponderance of LUXURY HOUSING UNITS being built in the Boston and Greater Boston Region!!! Enough already! When the Middle class cannot afford rents and sink into the ranks of those requiring public assistance while you bolster the build-out of housing for those only earning VERY HIGH WAGES, then you are asking for a plethora of Pandora's Box worth of trouble - a two tiered economic class system cannot be sustained in a free market-Democratic Society! FTR, I am a Graduate of U MASS AMHERST in their School of Environmental Design/Urban and Regional Planning/Landscape Architecture Theory, I possess an AE Architectural Engineering Technology (with Honors ) from the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (when the this now LONG demised program existed back in the early 1980s), and I have earned an Engineer-in-Training (EIT) Certification in Civil Engineering as granted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I am also a Licensed Construction Supervisor UNRESTRICTED also granted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I have a great deal of interest in architecture, civil engineering, structural and HVAC/MEP engineering, and thus, I validate my opinions as expressed here on BLDUP BOSTON.

THANK YOU, The City, Inner City Needs Affordable housing for the working class, life long residents, instead I see these ultra luxury apartment and condo buildings be built for the wealthy when residents of Boston are being pushed out. My son attended BFIT for Trade School and is now at the JATC and Wentworth Program, the Electrical Engineering Program is his hope to finish, continue to live in the City of Boston and continue to work in the City of Boston yet we see all of these ultra expensive for the wealthy non residents, moving into the City of Boston and getting the new apartment and condo construction Projects catered to them, when life time residents and workers are at risk of being cast out....The City of Boston Must make this issue a priority, stop building for the wealthy non resident but rich population and care for the hard workers and residents that the City of Boston has been their home, we are going to the Have's and Have Nots, moving affordable living outside of the inner City for the wealthy, very upsetting, remember it is the worker bees that have made The City of Boston, Stop forgetting us and catering to the wealthy !
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