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The Parker Overview

Address : 47 La Grange Street
City : Boston
State : MA
Zip : 02116
Sectors : Housing
Construction Status : *********************
Last Update : 01/18/23
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Organizations Working On The Parker

PRO Organizations

Developers: ******************
Architects: *********
General Contractors: ******************

Basic Organizations Try Basic FREE

Engineers: ********
Landscape Architects: *******************
HVAC: ****
Subcontractors: *************
Painting: ********
Real Estate Brokers: ******************
Property Managers: ****************
Elevators: *********
Lenders: ******
Condo Sales Platform: ********************
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Basic Details

Stories : **
Construction Cost : **************

PRO Data

Approved On : ********
Start Date : ********
Proposed Units : ***
Final Units : ***
FAR : *****
Price/SQFT of Acquisition Building : *****
Price/SQFT of Acquisition Land : ******
Building Cost/Sqft : *******
Zoning : **********
Sqft of Land : *****
Sqft of Residential : *******
# of Parking Spaces : **
Price per Door : ***********
Condos Available : ***
Fitness Center : ***
Residential Lounge : ***

Latest News 23

Jun 21, 2023

Downtown Condo Tower Financed for $85M


Dec 28, 2022

Condos Selling on Completed Parker Project in Chinatown


Nov 02, 2022

Certificate of Occupancy Issued to The Parker in Chinatown


Jul 26, 2021

Downtown Boston Development Officially Named "The Parker"


Project Images

Recent Comments

I always LOVE the way the REVIT rendering artist chose to present this minuscule 21 story high rise by way of showing this rather short (24O FT) structure with an aerial presentation; good for you, SERIOUSLY, as the anti-shadite, anti high rise bug-eyed anti-development NIMBY nutjobs would have been incited to violence if the illustrator chose to render the short, stubby high rise from the ground up thus potentially accentuating the building's height - OMG, NOT THAT! (FTR, I am educated in the AEC industry with a Commonwealth of Massachusetts CERTIFICATION as a Civil Engineder in Training and I hold a Massachusetts Construction Supervisor's License as well, I have a great deal of experience in and knowledge of construction and development and I DO HAVE A GREAT AMOUNT of SAY SO ON THE TOPIC!! NIMBY ANTI HIGH RISE MOONBATS (no, I am NOT A TRUMP NAZI Howie CARR FASCIST) you really have to reassess your choice of making Downtown Boston your chosen home - if you oppose the construction of high rise (albeit, in Boston rather modest in height buildings), you should really reconsider your choice and maybe instead look to moving to the far more bucolic ambiance of BOLTON, Massachusetts where any structure greater than 35 FT in height will most definitely be considered as far out of place in an EXURB SETTING!!
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