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About Montaje

Formerly Block 6 at Assembly Row
449 Canal Street, Assembly Row, Somerville, MA

Mixed-use Montaje is the latest phase of Somerville's successful Assembly Row transit-oriented development. When complete, Montaje will consist of two residential buildings—one 236-foot, 20-story tower and one 77-foot, six-story structure—with a total of 447 luxury residential apartments. An additional 40,000 square feet of retail space and a pre-cast parking garage will be built at ground level. Montaje is creating over 600 construction jobs. Leasing at Montaje will begin in Spring 2017, and apartments will open in mid-2017. The following are renderings of Montaje:

Montaje Renderings

Square Feet 768,000


Stories 20
Height (feet) 236
Start Date Aug 01, 2015
Topping Off Date Oct 01, 2016
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Jul 02, 2018

Callahan was the general contractor behind the completion of the Motaje luxury apartment tower which...


Dec 14, 2016

Montaje, Assembly Row's next luxury apartment community, opening mid-2017


Nov 15, 2016

Block 6 at Assembly Row officially tops off


Oct 16, 2016

Block 6 at Assembly Row nears topping off


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01/06/20 Permit ES19000721 Search $0.00 ITK
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03/03/20 Permit E20000273 Search $0.00 ITK

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