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The Pinnacle at Central Wharf Overview

Address : 270 Atlantic Avenue
City : Boston
State : MA
Zip : 02110
Sectors : Retail and Office
Construction Status : *********************
Last Update : 10/24/23

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Engineers: ********
Landscape Architects: *******************
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Basic Details

Stories : **
Construction Cost : *****************

PRO Data

Sqft of Building : *******
Property Developer Name : ********************
Property Developer Email : *******************
Property Developer Phone : *************
Architect Name : ****************************
LLC Owner Phone : ************
LLC Owner Email : ******************
Height : ***
Under Review On : ********
Proposed Units : ***
FAR : ****
Building Cost/Sqft : *********
Sqft of Land : ******
Sqft of Retail : ******
Sqft of Office : *******
Sqft of Residential : *******
# of Parking Spaces : *****
Apts Units Available : ***

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Apr 03, 2023

Harbor Garage in Downtown Boston Refi'd for $90 Million


Jul 13, 2022

MA SJC Confirms Ruling Overturning Waterfront Rezoning


Apr 06, 2021

Court Issues Ruling Affecting Planned Harborfront Development in Boston


Jan 28, 2021

Scoping Determination Filed for Harbor Garage Redevelopment Project


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Recent Comments

Of course the whining NIMBYS next door in the two concrete monstrosities will get their undies in a bunch tighter than any atomic wedgie. And with their PERRY MASONS at the Conservation Law Foundation more than likely working feverishly to block the construction for their Harbor Towers whining clients who don't want their views of the City blotted out, I would hazard to guess that there are still roadblocks to overcome in order to build a BEAUTIFUL Blue Way and far more (hopefully) high rise that WILL HELP IN BLOCKING OUR VIEWS OF THE TWIN. EYESORES. That project should NEVER HAVE BEEN BUILT, and if the CLF lawyers win to put the kibosh on the new tower, I will personally see to it to find a way to legally bring the twin concrete trolls to the ground!!!

Here is my VERY LAST word on this matter, should ANYBODY even read this missive: if Chiofaro and company is thwarted by all NIMBY anti-development parties, i.e. the New England Aquarium, the HUNDREDS of Pinnacle Tower opponents, i.e., JUST the residents of the Harbor Rat Towers who want the ower stopped only to preserve their views of the Custom Tower - YEAH RIGHT, like is that a DEFENSIBLE ARGUMENT IN A COURT of LAW? - THEN, I think it would be fitting and perfectly in the rights of the OWNER OF THE HARBOR GARAGE to Completely SHUTTER it altogether!! Spiteful you say? Well yes and why the hell not? With the harbor garage shuttered to visitor parking, the New England Aquarium will have a SHIT FIT, and as well, as for the BLUE WAY, SORRY NEA, NYET as Boris Putin would say!!!!! Moreover, whether or not Chiofaro could as well level the garage to the ground and set up the vacant lot as a GREAT CAMPING GROUND for all of the homeless who set up their digs in and around the Faneuil Hall/ Govt, Center area remains to be seen. However, if I owned the property and was thwarted in my development endeavors, then I would most definitely shut the garage down; and if the NEA screams BLOODY MURDER about their SUDDEN inability to maintain a visitor stream to their facility (IT IS FALLING apart for the record, and being an architectural/Civil engineer, I conjecture that this aging concrete brutalist FISH MUSEUM will need a completely new structure within the next 20-25 years if not sooner. I for one think Chiofaro and Co. should move on and forget about building their high rise - too many NIMBYS, too many naysayers, too many road blocks; just knock the garage down!!!!!

Sorry - too many typos in my last post!!!!

Time is running out on this project possibly; should Michelle Wu get voted in as Mayor (I think she has some obstacles in her way), AND DO AWAY with the BPDA (a long shot hopefully), then if things do not get ironed ant time soon, this project is dead, we get to look at the hideous Garage, the hideous twin Brutalist nightmare towers, and so forth.....only in this City do projects get such NIMBY attacks....and if Wu gets in, NIMBYISM will rule and the biggest buildings built under her tenure as Mayor will be a triple-decker, but then again, the NIMBY hordes will complain about this structure being too tall, too out of scale, TOO MUCH SHADOW, and it will be reduced down to a Double Decker, then after more complaints, a one-story ranch house will finally get approved.
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