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Dorchester Bay City Overview

Address : 200 Mount Vernon Street
County : Suffolk County
Zip : 02125
Sectors : Housing, Educational, Retail, Office, Restaurant, and Lab
Status : Under Official Review

Organizations Working On Dorchester Bay City

Premium Organizations PREMIUM

Developers: ******************
Architects: *********

Basic Organizations Basic

Specialty Consultants: ********************
Legal Services: **************
Engineers: ********

Basic Details Basic

SQFT : *********

PRO Project Data Pro

Height : ***
Sqft of Land : *********
Sqft of Building : *********
Sqft of Retail : *******
Sqft of Office : *********
Sqft of Lab : *********
Sqft of Residential : *********
# of Parking Spaces : *****
Proposed Units : ****
LLC Owner Phone : ***************
Under Review On : ********
FAR : ****
Architect Name : *******
Architect Email : **********************
Architect Phone : ************
Property Developer Name : *****************
Property Developer Email : **********************
Property Developer Phone : *************

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Sep 23, 2020

5.9M SF Dorchester Bay City Now Under Review


Mar 06, 2020

Accordia Partners Files LOI for Bayside Dorchester Project


Feb 14, 2019

Accordia Partners Win Bid to Lease UMass Boston Development Site


Oct 16, 2017

16 development teams respond to UMass Boston RFI for Columbia Point waterfront site


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Recent Comments

Philip Harris
This proposal is GREAT as long as AFFORDABLE HOUSING and neighbourhood features such as pharmacies, Police/Fire Dept substations, a library, Post Office and the like are added into the mix. The only problem I see is the spectre of Michelle Wu becomming MAYOR of Boston and actually getting her way to deep six the BPDA, a move I believe will give the NIMBY OPPONENTS to any project larger than a TRIPLE DECKER a far greater voice and power in making sure largescale projects such as Dorchester Bay City NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY. Michelle Wu will cause the AEC industry in Greater Boston to flee to other Cities should she become Mayor. That is my contention and my opinion on this matter, and I suggest the developers and Architectural, Engineering and Construction parties to the process involved with this project get their <expletive> together well before Wu gets the chance to be Mayor. I am NOT A TRUMPIST, But I believe WU WILL bring the AEC Industry into a major depression if she gets in as Mayor!!
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