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Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment Update 05/03/21

$120M In Funding Secured for Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment

The Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment project has received private financing required to begin construction on the approved affordable housing rehabilitation project. The City of Boston has dedicated $120,000,000 for infrastructure improvements in addition to $30,000,000 budgeted by Mayor Marty Walsh in April 2019 as part of the City’s Capital Plan.

The approved 3.3 million square foot redevelopment of the existing 27.24-acre, 1,100-unit Bunker Hill public housing project into 2,699 mixed-income residential units with a neighborhood retail component will feature the redevelopment of all 42 existing Bunker Hill housing buildings. The existing 1,100 public housing units would be replaced with 1,010 new affordable housing units on-site and 100 off-site planned by the BHA. An additional 1,689 market-rate units would be constructed for a total of 2,699 units.

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