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Boulevard VI Update 02/23/21

Demo Complete for Boulevard VI Project

Boulevard VI has completed demolition of the former school, except for the original portion of the building, which will be used as future retail/restaurant space. Infrastructure work for the condo building, townhomes and single-family homes is ongoing. Support of excavation and earthwork for the 2-level underground garage that is below the 4-story condo building will be starting in late February. The upcoming project will include a total of 266 residential units, including 144 multifamily residential condominiums, 115 townhomes, and seven single-family homes, as well as 20,000 square feet of retail space and the 24,000 square foot retained portion of the school building, which may contain a mix of commercial and/or undefined community uses.

boulevard jma

Photo: John Moriarty & Associates

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