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About Boynton Yards

1 Earle Street, East Somerville, Somerville, MA

Located on nearly 3.5 acres a short walk from Union Square and the future MBTA Green Line extension, Boynton Yards would construct five mixed-use buildings ranging from 8 to 24 stories tall totaling 950,000 square feet.

The development would contain a total of approximately 425 apartment residences, 20% of which would be affordable, 426,911 square feet of office space, 112,250 square feet of research and development (R&D) space and 30,478 square feet of retail.

Boynton Yards would be constructed across two phases. The first phase of the project, planned to be constructed by Winter 2021, would construct Buildings 1 and 2, which would contain 245,911 square feet of office space, 112,250 square feet of R&D space and 15,478 square feet of retail. Buildings 1 and 2 would be 10 and eight stories tall, respectively. A four-level, below-grade parking garage beneath Building 2 would provide approximately 301 parking spaces to serve both buildings.

Phase 2 the development would be constructed by Winter 2025, and include Buildings 3 through 5. The buildings would feature a total of 425 apartment residences, 181,000 square feet of office space and 15,000 square feet of retail. Buildings 3, 4 and 5 would be 24, 11 and 24 stories tall, respectively. A total of 171 parking spaces would be provided as part of Phase 2. Renderings of Phase 2 have not yet been revealed.

Publicly accessible and sustainably-designed open spaces would be located throughout Boynton Yards, benefitting the East Somerville neighborhood at large. The development would replace a series of surface parking lots and low-slung industrial buildings north of and adjacent to South Street between Windsor Place and Harding Street.

Renderings of Boynton Yards:

Boynton Yards 111



Construction Cost $950,000,000.00
Square Feet 950,000




Affordable Housing


Stories 24
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