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J. J. Carroll Redevelopment Overview

Address : 130 Chestnut Hill Avenue
City : Boston
State : MA
Zip : 02135
Sectors : Parking, Retail, and Affordable Housing
Construction Status : ******************
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Organizations Working On J. J. Carroll Redevelopment

PRO Organizations

Developers: ******************
Architects: *********
General Contractors: ******************

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Legal Services: **************
Concrete: ********
Technology Companies: ******************
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John McGinnis
Dellbrook | JKS
Title: Project Manager
Phone: 321-698-3832
Email: jmcginnis@dellbrookjks.com
Office: Boston
Lisa Kozol
2Life Communities
Title: Real Estate Development Specialist
Phone: 978-886-9152
Email: lkozol@2lifecommunities.org
Office: Boston
Joe O’Toole
2Life Communities
Title: Director of Facilities
Phone: 617-912-8426
Email: asamuels@2lifecommunities.org
Office: Boston
Denise Hamilton
2Life Communities
Title: Executive Director, Brighton Campus
Phone: 617-912-8403
Email: dhamilton@2lifecommunities.org
Office: Boston
Dana Marcotte
Dellbrook | JKS
Title: Project Superintendent
Phone: 617-828-1159
Email: dmarcotte@dellbrookjks.com
Office: Boston
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Basic Details

Stories : *
Construction Cost : **************

PRO Data

Sqft of Building : *******
Property Developer Name : *****************
Property Developer Email : *******************************
Property Developer Phone : *************
Architect Name : *****************
Architect Email : **************************
Architect Phone : ***********
General Contractor Name : **********************
General Contractor Email : ******************************
General Contractor Phone : ***********
LLC Owner : ******************
LLC Owner Phone : **************
Height : **
Under Review On : ********
Approved On : ********
Start Date : ********
Proposed Units : ***
Final Units : ***
FAR : ****
Building Cost/Sqft : *******
Sqft of Land : ******
Sqft of Residential : *******
# of Parking Spaces : **
# of One Beds : ***
# of Two Beds : **
Price per Door : ***********
Proposed Affordable Units : ***
Final Affordable Units : ***
Apts Units Available : ***


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Jul 12, 2023

Interior Finishing Underway for Brighton Senior Housing Project


Feb 22, 2023

Interior Finishing Begins on J. J. Carroll Redevelopment in Brighton


Dec 14, 2022

Window Installation Underway on J.J. Carroll Redevelopment in Brighton


Nov 09, 2022

Wood Framing Taking Shape at J.J. Carroll Redevelopment in Brighton


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