BLDUP Spotlight: 3D APARTMENT - Unlocking the Power of Remote Renting 06/22/23

3d apt spotlight

BLDUP and 3D Apartment sat down to discuss their revolutionary process of apartment search experience by providing a virtual platform that unlocks the power of remote renting, making it easier for people to find the right home, no matter their location. 3D Apartment provides renters with a 360-degree experience where they can not only see their new home but can complete all the necessary lease paperwork, execute contracts and schedule move-in from across town to a cross-country move.

Let’s jump right in as we spoke with Kate Montalbano, Head of Virtual Staging & Rendering, Hope Joyner, Director of Multifamily Partnerships, and Nicole Cunningham, Head of Design and Operations.


BLDUP: What is different about the 3D Apartment search process vs. a traditional in-person property tour?

Nicole Cunningham: The rapid advancement of technology has revolutionized the way people search for new homes. Today, a virtual tour has become a necessity for the majority of renters. At 3D Apartments, we understand this shift and have developed a seamless and user-friendly platform to cater to this virtual renting trend. With our digital tools, the experience of viewing a listing virtually is practically indistinguishable from an in-person tour, with the added benefit of convenience.

Our platform empowers landlords and partners to interact with renters, lead virtual tours, and promptly address any questions or concerns, all within the virtual environment. This level of interactivity ensures that renters have a fully immersive experience and can make informed decisions from the comfort of their own homes.

By embracing technology and providing a seamless virtual renting experience, 3D Apartments bridges the gap between renters and landlords. We aim to make the process of finding and selecting a new home as easy and efficient as possible, empowering renters to make confident decisions without physically visiting multiple properties.

BLDUP: 3D Apartment is using several different visual and virtual tools to help your clients market their units, tell us about those tools and the benefits to the consumer.

Kate Montalbano: We understand the importance of making the rental process seamless for our clients. Firstly, our rendering team is skilled at transforming construction concepts into stunning and realistic full renderings providing a clear understanding of the space and its features. Additionally, our staging team creates captivating interior designs that help renters envision how they can personalize and furnish the space to suit their tastes and lifestyle. We are the ONLY company in the US who have the ability and partnership to be able to virtually stage Matterport tours. This visual representation enhances the overall experience and allows for a deeper connection with the property. We also provide ADA-accessible Matterport tours, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a comprehensive virtual tour of the property. This feature promotes inclusivity and allows individuals with different accessibility needs to explore the space comfortably.

Furthermore, our Virtual Leasing team creates a virtual environment where renters can gather with their friends or where agents can conduct fully remote Live Virtual Tours. This interactive platform facilitates real-time communication and collaboration, allowing renters to engage with agents and ask questions while exploring the property virtually.

By utilizing these tools, our renters can enjoy a fully remote experience when searching for their new home. They have the ability to view the property from every angle, take measurements, virtually place furniture, and interact with their agent in real time – all within a seamless and user-friendly platform.

BLDUP: A big concern of every renter is will their furniture and belongings fit into the space that they only toured virtually. After using the site we were extremely impressed with the Matterport measuring tool so one could see exactly how their belongings will work in/fit their new home! Tell us more about that tool.

Nicole Cunningham: With the Matterport measurement tool, you have the ability to accurately measure a wide range of items such as furniture, spaces, appliances, and more. This powerful tool not only allows you to ensure that your own furniture will fit seamlessly into the designated space but also provides you with a deeper understanding of the dimensions and layout of the area.

By utilizing the Matterport measurement tool, you can confidently assess whether your furniture will harmonize with the available space without encountering any size or placement constraints. Whether you're considering adding a new sofa, a dining table, or any other piece of furniture, the tool enables you to accurately measure its dimensions and compare them to the available space. This way, you can make informed decisions and avoid the hassle of purchasing items that may not fit or overcrowd your desired area.

Moreover, the Matterport measurement tool allows you to explore and comprehend the space in a holistic manner . By measuring various aspects such as room dimensions, doorways, and even appliances, you gain a better understanding of how different elements fit “in and together” within the overall layout. 

BLDUP: Tell us about the types of homes one will find on 3D Apartments.

Hope Joyner: We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive selection of homes that meet the diverse needs and desires of our clients. Our platform caters to a wide range of preferences and requirements, ensuring that there is something for everyone – from high-rise condos to spacious single-family homes. 

One of the key features of 3D Apartments is our virtual-first approach, which particularly appeals to renters with higher budgets. By leveraging immersive 3D visualization technology, we offer a unique virtual experience that allows potential tenants to explore properties in detail from the comfort of their own homes. This virtual-first approach is especially beneficial for luxury rentals, as it allows prospective tenants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the property's features and aesthetics before making a decision. 3D Apartment aims to provide a comprehensive selection of homes that span a wide spectrum of styles, sizes, and locations. 

BLDUP: What can you tell us about your client types and what attracts them to 3D Apartments?

Hope Joyner: At 3D Apartments, we cater to a diverse range of client types who are attracted to our comprehensive remote renting solution. Our clients come from various sectors of the real estate industry, including large-scale property management companies, independent landlords, brokers, agents, and developers.

One of the main reasons our clients choose to partner with 3D Apartments is the convenience and efficiency we offer. By providing a complete, cost-effective, solution from Asset concept to Asset occupancy, we streamline the rental process for our clients. Our services include creating renderings, capturing 3D media, marketing properties, and leveraging revolutionary technology to enable remote leasing. This comprehensive approach allows our clients to consolidate their marketing needs into one vendor, providing them with the tools and technologies required to succeed in today's competitive real estate market.

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