BLDUP Spotlight: Bluebird Graphic Solutions - Experts in Custom Fabrication, Architectural Signage & Branded Environments 12/13/23

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While often some of the smallest details on a project, signage plays a vital role across all project types and asset classes. Bluebird Graphics Solutions has been a source for high-quality, custom fabricated, architectural signage and exhibits since 2011. An SDO-certified MBE, Bluebird serves a broad range of clients in a variety of industries and strives to consistently deliver an uncommon level of service and commitment to their clients.


BLDUP: How does Bluebird Graphic Solutions differentiate itself in the competitive global outsourcing market, and what unique value does it bring to its clients?

Bluebird: Bluebird Graphics Solutions stands apart from other sign companies in 4 ways.

  1. Producing and installing Custom signage, exhibits, and architectural features.

  2. Bringing together a broad range of world-class talent and equipment.

  3. Building what we sell - by building most of what we sell in-house, we can control our production schedule, and quality.  We have an open-door policy and encourage our clients to visit anytime. 

  4. We are a Massachusetts, SDO-certified MBE.

The value to our clients is that;  by working closely with them, and controlling the work, we can ensure that the final product meets their expectations and that there are no surprises.

With regard to working on a national footprint, we are based in Woburn, Massachusetts, and our first commitment is to serving New England.  We are too small to market across the country and on a global scale, however;  for the right project, we will go anywhere..  and currently have work that has been installed across the United States and around the world. 

BLDUP: Can you share some success stories or case studies that highlight the tangible benefits clients have experienced by partnering with Bluebird Graphic Solutions?

Bluebird: We love creating work that educates, entertains, and informs. As such, we create signage, exhibits, wall and floor graphics, custom architectural features, landscape features, sculptures, and digital displays. We work with local and nationally recognized designers, architects, and general contractors.

Our clients represent the full range of construction sectors and include:

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • Residential/Mixed-use

  • Corporate Interior

  • Lab-science

  • Education

  • Transportation

  • Cultural

One of the projects that we are most proud of is the rehabilitation of the Christian Science Center Plaza. The work is grand and beautiful. It involved custom fabrication using stainless steel, aluminum, specialty glass, and custom e-ink displays to create artful monuments and wayfinding elements to direct people through the plaza. That project was built on the heels of our work at 888 Boylston Street, where we installed a stainless steel and granite monument that weighed more than 3 tons. The trick to both of these was to have a clear understanding of the materials and how they would behave at a large scale. We see each project as a puzzle to be figured out and we dive in wholeheartedly.

We are currently working on a project for Toast, they are a repeat customer. We are working with them and Sasaki to rebrand their new office space with the goal of repurposing some of the elements from the previous project. It always feels good when a client loves your work so much that they want to discover ways to repurpose it in their next project. 

Another part of what we do is work with cultural institutions. We provided the signage for Boston’s Embrace and produced a large section of the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama, with other high-profile cultural projects still in the works.

BLDUP: What different services do you offer at Bluebird?

Bluebird: Most projects start with code required ADA signage and expand from there. Bluebird can help companies to express their brand and tell their story throughout their space. We offer custom wall graphics and window film, dimensional letters, logos, code signage and directional systems, digital displays, as well as custom creations for architectural and landscape features. 

BLDUP: What innovative technologies and strategies does Bluebird Graphic Solutions employ to optimize customer engagement and satisfaction?

Bluebird: Bluebird has been on a journey of continuous improvement since we started. With a focus on the future, we are constantly asking ourselves how we can be better and how we can offer more to our customers. 

From the beginning, Bluebird has committed to seamless interaction with our clients. We use Apple Macs because the graphic designers we work with use Macs. We use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign for seamless file transfer. We utilize for a server-less infrastructure that allows nearly unlimited file sizes and allows our team easy access to any information and any file from anywhere at any time. We utilize as our CRM and ERP solution and are working continuously to use it to reduce friction points within our process.

Beyond technological innovations, because of the breadth of skills represented within our team, we have the knowledge and experience to offer our clients a myriad of options for achieving their vision. Our shop was envisioned as a designer’s playground with the goal of inviting them in to dream as we seek sustainable, budget-friendly, solutions.

BLDUP: How does Bluebird Graphics Solutions prioritize and maintain a commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices in the outsourcing industry?

Bluebird: When it comes to construction, signs account for a very small percentage of the total materials used. We feel that the best way for us to contribute to sustainability is to work with our customers to make good design decisions that reduce waste, promote durability and encourage the use of recyclable materials.

At Bluebird, we have made the choice to use additive printing for our code signage. By doing so, we create near zero waste, a vast improvement over other processes for creating the same type of signs. By printing direct to substrates, we eliminate the creation of landfilled materials like polyester film, phenolic sheet, and contaminated waste water. Because our inks are UV cured, there is no off-gassing and our prints emit zero voc and are safe for use in healthcare settings.


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Bluebird is an architectural signage studio with an inventive approach to creating custom architectural signage, exhibits, and environmental graphics. Bluebird works with organizations of every size, across all industries, and combines expert fabrication with the latest technology to deliver finely detailed pieces that project your values and tell your story, as they reinvigorate your brand.

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