BLDUP Spotlight: Firecode Design - Fostering Diversity & Improving Fire Protection in Boston 12/01/23

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For this BLDUP spotlight, we spoke with Ronnette Taylor, Principal and Founder of Fire Code Design. Fire Code Design, a certified MWBE, has been a recognized leader in the installation, testing, and maintenance of fire protection services for the past 30 years. Taylor’s firm takes pride in staying on the cutting edge of fire suppression technology.


BLDUP: What sets Fire Code Design apart in providing cutting-edge solutions?   

Ronnette Taylor: Fire Code Design is a distributor of innovative fire suppression tools called stat-X aerosol systems, which are known for effectiveness in rapidly extinguishing fires by interrupting the chemical reactions that sustain the combustion process, extinguishing aerosol forms of cloud that is highly effective in industrial facilities, server rooms, data centers, electrical cabinets, electric scooters, solar panels, vehicle and more.    

Stat-x is an advanced technology effective system, energy efficient, reducing energy cost, designed for easier installation, minimal residue after discharge, eco-friendly designed for the environment, non-toxic, rapid quick response time, eliminating the flames-gaseous matters and inhibiting the combustion process compliance with regulations with local, national, and international fire codes that meet the fire safety standards.   

The ongoing regulatory demands for maintenance and inspections deliver a high standard of quality control with eco-friendly building standards to be conducted efficiently, cutting edge solutions of the recent technologies is breaking headlines in the industry, and that is what Fire Code Design takes great pride in.     

BLDUP: How has Fire Code Design Transformed Fire Protection in the Boston Area? Could you tell us about your journey?    

Ronnette Taylor: My passion was to become a schoolteacher, but my dreams changed. When I started a family having three boys, I decided to become a plumber, joined Plumber Union Local 12, to raise my three boys, and joined the Massachusetts Water Authority as a master plumber.   

After I received my master's in plumbing, things were good because I was providing for my family.     

I got into mechanical contracting to open a company called Basic Elements. The first big project we were awarded was the ” Boston Police Headquarters”. We ran into some growing pains and unfortunately had to close the company.     

After a terrible accident happened with my mother having a home fire due to a portable stove, I decided I wanted to open a fire protection company called Fire Code Design to save lives.  

We started off by doing fire sprinkler installation, which led to starting a fire extinguisher division, beginning to do fire code consulting for contractors, and being actively involved in community engagement events that led to establishing more business accounts for inspection, testing, and maintenance.   I started by conducting thorough assessments of existing fire protection systems and identifying areas that needed improvement.   

Working closely with city officials and fire experts, I advocated for the adoption of more advanced fire codes that incorporate modern technology and materials. This included requirements for state-of-the-art sprinkler systems, enhanced fire alarm systems, and improved fire-resistant building materials.  

As part of my journey, I also initiated educational programs aimed at raising awareness among both residents and businesses about the importance of fire safety and the new fire codes. I collaborated with community organizations to spread the message, leading to a greater understanding of fire safety practices.   

Today, as I reflect on this journey, I am proud to have been part of the transformation that has significantly improved fire protection in the Boston area, making it a safer and more resilient city for everyone who calls it home.   

BLDUP: Breaking Barriers: How has fire code design, a woman-owned business, redefined success, and empowered women in the fire protection industry?  

Ronnette Taylor: By entering a male-dominated field, this business challenges stereotypes and fosters diversity. Fire Code Design sets an inspiring example for aspiring female professionals in the fire protection industry. They serve as a role model, encouraging other women to pursue careers in this field, demonstrating that gender should not limit one's potential.  

Fire Code Design company advocates for greater inclusivity in the fire protection and construction industries, working with industry organizations and local governments to promote diversity and equitable opportunities for all.     

Fire Code Design’s presence in the fire protection industry redefines success by emphasizing the importance of diversity, inclusion, and gender equality, making it a trailblazer for women pursuing careers in traditionally male-dominated sectors.     

BLDUP: Adapting to change: How does fire code design stay abreast of evolving codes and technology in the fire protection industry?  

Ronnette Taylor: Fire Code Design evolved to address new challenges, advancements in technology, and lessons learned from past incidents. Fire Code Design updates regularly staying up to code with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes, reflecting the changes in technology materials and so forth.   

Lessons from incidents, and tragic fire incidents often lead to improved fire codes and safety standards, based on performance-based design, research, development, training, education, public awareness, and advocacy for regulatory authorities.    

Building relationships with local fire departments and authorities having jurisdiction can provide insights into the local code enforcement and specific reviews of fire codes and regulations to ensure that the company designs and solutions comply with the most current standards. Many codes are updated periodically, and it's essential to stay current with these revisions.   

Contributor Bio


Fire Code Design "FCD" is a recognized leader in the installation, testing, and maintenance of fire protection services. We have been partnering with the best fire equipment manufacturers in the US, so that we can bring you the lowest possible prices and the best service available anywhere.

Fire Code Design is a Boston based fire protection company focused on  providing cost-effective fire protection solution for communities around Boston area in past 30 years. Firecode Design areas of expertise include Fire Protection, mechanical contracting,plumbing / HVAC, process piping for residential, commercial, retail and institutional.

Our knowledgeable, professional staff can perform your service and order requests to keep you up to date on changes in codes and technology. As industry best experience, we even offer our sales and service personnel to identify which equipment is needed to satisfy National Fire Protection Association standards.

Our company is proud of our achievements to date and we are committed to continually enhancing our capabilities to ensure we remain at the forefront of our industry both in terms of clients and projects needs. We continue to strive to do our best because we value you “our customer”. Helping your business maintain a safer work environment is what we do and our commitment to you is solid.

The successful expansion of Firecode Design has been accomplished through the efforts of dedicated team focused on providing the highest quality work to ensure our customers willingness to continue awarding new work to Firecode  Design. Firecode engages in sciences buildings, college administration buildings, dormitory buildings, laboratory buildings, library buildings, museum buildings, athletic facilities, waste & water treatment facilities, U.S postal, government facilities, shopping malls, medical office, bridges, tunnels, and highways.

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