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Powering the Parking Evolution within New Construction 02/06/20

Jordan Weiss, Vice President of Marketing, FlashParking

Urban areas are experiencing an evolution from the antiquated model of disjointed transportation and navigation to an intelligent, dynamic mobility ecosystem. New and reimagined modes of transportation are rapidly emerging within this ecosystem to meet travelers’ and commuters’ needs for the first mile and last miles of their journey and to help them avoid the wasted mile. Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), micro-mobility technologies, electric vehicles, and self-driving cars are among the more recent market entrants contributing to the mobility challenges facing society. Rising vehicle miles traveled, chronic congestion, and the subsequent public health and environmental costs that result are of central concern to municipalities and businesses for both the risks and opportunity they present.

By embracing a future-ready perspective, adopting new technologies, and transforming user experience through the evolution of facilities, management systems, and business practices, Developers and General Contractors can lead the transformation of the urban transport and navigation ecosystem. For traditional parking assets like garages and lots to maintain relevance and forge success in the evolving mobility space, they will need to be adaptive, dynamic, and responsive to new technology introductions and changing perspectives. New Developments are ideally posed to enabling this flexibility through strategic systematic design and intelligent implementation.

It begins with architecting an asset to possess future-ready infrastructure that will minimize initial set up and subsequent update costs. Considering the exponential rate at which new technologies are introduced and assimilated into society, replacing entire units of physical hardware to stay up-to-date with user expectations would be a costly endeavor. FlashParking assumes a forward-looking perspective through a USB-based system design that allows for individual hardware components to be replaced in an existing machine. This future-ready design gives FlashParking systems an unparalleled ability to stay current and minimize costs down the road.

Achieving efficiency throughout an operation requires a high-level perspective of both individual entity and ecosystem-wide data. Cloud intelligence offers unrivaled benefits to operational excellence by reducing installation times, offering real-time analytics, and permitting for the highest level of Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance available (Level 1). FlashParking was born in the cloud to offer advanced visibility, extensibility, and scalability in terms of both ranges of capabilities and size of parking operations.

Ultimately, the benefits of a well-architected system are not realized unless they are leveled up to the community through intuitive user experience. From mobile-first architecture to integrations like license plate recognition (LPR) and Bluetooth technology, FlashParking delivers the technology to carry a cultivated user experience from end to end.

FlashParking, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is leading the technology transformation through the development and wide-scale deployment of a unique solution for powering the parking industry’s transition, from legacy assets to a critical and valuable part of the emerging mobility ecosystem: the connected mobility hub. FlashParking is working to empower architects developers as a key player in the mobility evolution through future-ready infrastructures, intelligent decision-making, and elevated user experience.


Flash Parking Mobility Hub

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FlashParking is a leader in parking and mobility solutions that address some of the most complex transportation problems facing urban societies. FlashParking’s rapid growth is driven by a future-ready philosophy that manifests itself in a smart ecosystem of solutions, products, and integrations that work together to improve mobility. With over 1,000 deployments on its cloud-based network, FlashParking’s powerful real-time data services provide efficient, secure transactions and business intelligence for organizations of all sizes and industry spectrums.

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